Lunch Menu

 Served: 11:30am 4:00pm
Monday – Friday



classic egg-lemon soup, chicken and orzo

Fish Soup

Mediterranean sea bass, celery, and potatoes in a light tomato fish broth



carp roe spread


chickpeas, blended with tahini, lemon juice, garlic and paprika

Lima Beans

tomato sauce, onions and dill

Fried Baby Fish

(seasonal availability)


Greek sausage (lamb, pork, beef & leeks) with Mediterranean spices

Baked Clams

Top neck clams, bread crumbs and oregano

Greek Spreads

tzatziki, ktipiti, skordalia, hummus and taramosalata


white wine, dill, garlic and scallions

Shrimp Cocktail

6 jumbo shrimp served over ice with cocktail sauce and lemon


Complimentary traditional Greek soup


wild baby arugula, feta cheese and balsamic reduction


romaine lettuce, feta cheese, scallions and dill

Greek Salad

tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, onion, feta cheese & kalamata olives

Grilled Vegetable Medley

zucchini, mushrooms, peppers and asparagus

Spinach Pie & Greek Salad

spinach, leeks, feta cheese wrapped in phyllo


fried cheese served with Greek salad

Add to any salad:
Chicken 4.95 | Beef Gyro 5.95  | Skirt Steak 7.95
Salmon 8.95 | Jumbo Shrimp 9.95 | Octopus 10.95


 Served with a choice of, rice pilaf, lemon potatoes or field greens
(except Seafood Pasta dish)


Greece, lean, white, mild and moist tender flakes

Royal Dorado

Greece, very delicate, flavorful fish from the dorado family

Fried Whitings

(whole) mild flavor & flaky


fried or grilled

Grilled Sardines

(whole) grilled, red wine vinaigrette

Filet of Sole

broiled or fried filet of sole with bread crumbs and homemade tartar sauce

Salmon Filet

grilled, olive oil, lemon, scallions and dill

Seafood Pasta

linguine, shrimp, calamari, mussels, white wine, dill and garlic


grilled, olive oil, lemon, scallions and dill

Rainbow Trout

broiled, olive oil, lemon & oregano

Crab Cake

95% jumbo lump crab meat, peppers & field greens

Yellow Fin Tuna

sashimi quality sesame crusted center-cut, scallions, dill and a spicy aioli

Seafood Kebab

shrimp, salmon, scallops, tomatoes, peppers and onions


Served with fresh cut French fries

Beef Gyro

on pita, tzatziki, lettuce, tomatoes & onions

Chicken Souvlaki

on pita, tzatziki, lettuce, tomatoes & onions

Fish Sandwich

fried filet of sole, lettuce, tomatoes, onions on brioche

8 oz Black Angus Burger

served with mozzarella cheese


Served with lemon potatoes

Chicken Breast

grilled, marinated with thyme & oregano

Pork Sticks

(3) marinated pork loin, Mediterranean spices

Skirt Steak

marinated in olive oil, garlic, thyme and rosemary